Tippling Club @ Tanjong Pagar (Singapore)

Read my review of Tippling Club on FOUR-Magazine.

Ryan Clift, chef-patron of Tippling Club


Counter seats at the new Tippling Club @ Tanjong Pagar
The bar at the new Tippling Club @ Tanjong Pagar
The private dining room at the new Tippling Club @ Tanjong Pagar
Tippling Club’s Gourmand Menu (S$265++ without pairing, S$415++ with pairing) features 8 snacks, 8 main items, 7 pre-desserts and 2 desserts.


Snack 1: Shard sashimi,  toasted nori, wasabi, pine needle distillation

Snack 2: Singapore curry, curry leaves, puffed rice

Snack 3: Cedarwood-smoked quail’s egg, deep fried kombu

Snack 4: Charred smoked pepper tempura, shoyu wasabi dip

Snack 5: Onion ring, garlic aioli, onion jus

Snack 6: White truffle “styrofoam”
Snack 7: Beef tendon “cracker”

Snack 8: Clear gazpacho, basil oil
Main 1: Omelette, smoked eel, chive’s oil

Main 2: Cauliflower, sound wave-infused cheese sauce, truffle
Main 3: Foie gras, apple confit, spiced biscuit

Main 4: Snow crab, whipped jamon iberico fat
Main 5: Monkfish, green curry, lime “toufu”

Main 6: Iberico pork belly, lobster, leek, Nantua sauce

Main 7: Kombu cured wagyu, Hokkaido burrata, horseradish

Main 8: Cheese (gruyere, comte) sandwich, black truffle
Pre-dessert 1: Banana sorbet, fried bread

Pre-dessert 2: Celery, coconut sorbet

Pre-dessert 3: “Cheesecake”
Pre-dessert 4: Orchard Road ice cream
Pre-dessert 5: Mandarin “meteroid”
Pre-dessert 6: Strawberry and cream

Pre-dessert 7: Raspberry fizz bomb
Dessert 1: Textured nuts (hazelnut and walnut)
Dessert 2: Spiced wine infused chocolate


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