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Corner House at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Since 12th July 2016, the tasting menu-only Corner House at the Singapore Botanic Gardens has introduced a suite of new dishes on its quartet of tasting menus – Menu Gastronomic ($148++), Menu Botanica ($168++), Menu Degustation ($188++) and Discovery Menu Experience ($258++)
Although barely two years of age, this restaurant at Singapore’s only UNESCO World Heritage site by chef-owner Jason Tan, an alum of Sky on 57 and Robuchon au Dome, debuted on Asia’s 50 Best at No. 17 this year and was recently awarded one Michelin star.
Cevennes onion four ways


Tan’s signature dish of Cevennes onion four ways – featuring the French onion served with sous egg in a baked cup, as a filo pastry with onion confit and Parmesan cream, as a sliver of onion chip and as onion tea infused with Earl Grey – continues to feature strongly on the Discovery Menu Experience. As does the “crispy scales” New Zealand cod that arrives in aged Shao Xing wine with  Mangalitsa pork.
Varanger red king crab three ways


These are now joined by Varanger red king crab three ways on Menu Gastronomic and Menu Degustation – slow steamed crab’s leg, as croquette with shallots and as tartare with basil and Piment d’Espelette. The dish is served with Japanese cucumber strips and Italian melon with yellow pepper coulis.
Brittany cuttledish, buckwheat, riso, Manjimup black truffle


On Menu Degustation and Discovery Menu Experience, the new dish of Brittany cuttlefish arrives as flash sauteed “linguini” strips on a bed of toasted buckwheat-flecked riso pasta cooked in Bordier seaweed butter infused kombu stock topped with Manjimup black truffle floss.
Chef Jason Tan;s “botanica”


Tan’s “botanica”, a botanical-based dish that debuted with the restaurant’s opening but was removed a year back, makes a surprise comeback with more than 40 different types of vegetables including charred romanesco, salt-baked yellow beetroot, fresh ice plant, pan seated King oyster mushroom and Barigoule-style artichoke (cooked with mirepox, white wine, herbs and kombu). Each is cooked separately and painstakingly assembled and plated for contrasting textures and maximum flavours. 
Liquid nitrogen elderflower with organic milk three ways


For sweets, Tan has more than one surprise up his sleeves, not least liquid nitrogen elderflower served dramatically at the table with organic milk three-ways (meringue stick, sorbet, panna cotta) on Discovery Menu Experience.
Peanut butter, kaya, toasted bread


Also on the same menu and Menu Botanica is a dessert inspired by Tan’s child memory of combining peanut butter and kaya on toasted bread – coconut pandan sorbet with peanut butter parfait, pandan snow on kaya caramel and toasted coconut meringue as toast.
Salted egg macaron

Tan knows that an excellent dinner at his restaurant has to conclude with his signature petit four of salted egg macaron.

Durian churros

But with the equally stellar durian churros now appearing alongside it, the macaron looks set to have a strong rival.

1 Cluny Road, E J H Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardend (Nassim Gate Entrance) | +65 6469 1000 | cornerhouse.com.sg
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