Farm to Table (Taipei): Chef Ryohei Hieda of Shoun RyuGin

In the recent past year, I’ve heard alot about Taiwan’s bountiful harvests of produce ripe for chefs’ picking. So when there was an opportunity to visit Taipei for FIMM Media’s conference in September, I asked filmmaker Patricia Chen of Sekel Media Asia to come with me to do a series of chefs-led short videos. The first of the series is ready.

You may have heard about Ryugin’s Taipei offshoot but what you may not know is that head chef, Ryohei Hieda, sources ALL his fish and seafood locally.

At 2am on our last night in Taipei, chef Hieda took us on a fish hunt at Keelung’s amazing fish market and it ended with a supper of fried noodles at 4am. See what chef Hieda did with his purchase back at Shoun Ryugin’s kitchen!

Here is a full video of it on YouTube. This is our first attempt at web video production, please let me have your feedback!


© Evelyn Chen 2013
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