[News] New Restaurant – Sushi Kimura (Singapore) by Tomoo Kimura

Otoro sushi by chef Tomoo Kimura of Sushi Kimura


Former Sushi Ichi and Hashida opening executive chef, Tomoo Kimura, a Tokyo native with 21 years of sushi-crafting experience, has soft opened his brand new sushi-ya at Palais Renaissance since 18th December 2016. Featuring Edo-mae style sushi prepped with organic Fujisu vinegar made from an ancient brewing method by lio Jouzou in Kyoto (they use four times the amount of organic premium rice compared to other vinegar breweries) as well as soya sauce brewed in Aritaya, Gunma prefecture, from organic Hokkaido soy beans, Sushi Kimura will offer three sets for lunch (S$120++, S$180++ and S$250++) and three for dinner (S$280++, $330++ and S$390++); an omakase menu can also be customised based on diners’s budget. During the soft opening period, only one menu will be offered at lunch (S$180++) and one menu at dinner (S$390++). The current winter menu will showcase seasonal winter fish like ebo-da(Japanese butter fish) and buri (yellow tail). 
Sushi Kimura is offering a 20% discount during its soft opening period up until 27th January. The restaurant will officially open after Chinese New Year on 1 February 2017.
Sample lunch and dinner menus as follows:
Soft Opening Menu and Price

LUNCH $180++ 

Starter x 1 
– Yuba dashi jelly &Ikura

Chawan mushi 
– Nasu(Japanese eggplant)
– Shishitou(Japanese green pepper)
– Ume(Sour plum)

Sashimi (depending on shipment)

Grilled scallop with premium seaweed

Sushi (8 kinds)
– Hirame (Flounder) 
– Shima-aji (Yellow jack) 
– Zuke (Marinated Tuna) 
– O-toro
– Kohada(Gizzard shad) or Ebo-dai(Japanese butter fish) 
– Suma-Katsuo (Baby bonito)
– Ika inrouzume(Squid traditional sushi)
– Kimura’s Bakudan (Uni,Ikura,Onsen egg)


DINNER $390++

Starter 1 
– Yuba Dashi jelly
– Uni and Ikura

Starter 2  
– Tender cooked abalone 

Chawan mushi
– Shirako
– Sour plum


Grilled scallop with Premium seaweed and
Grilled chutoro stick
Two kinds of Uni platter

Sushi (8 kinds)
– Hirame (Flounder) 
– Shima-aji (Yellow jack) 
– Zuke (Marinated Tuna) 
– O-toro
– Kohada(Gizzard shad) or Ebo-dai(Japanese butter fish) 
– Hokki-gai 
– Shiro ebi (White shrimp) 
– Kimura’s Bakudan bowl (2 Uni,Ikura,Negitoro,Onsenegg)


390 Orchard Rd #01-07 Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238 871; +65-8428 0073; sushikimura.com.sg
© Evelyn Chen 2013
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